Empowering job seekers discover rich self-love and fulfilling careers that are like a match made in heaven.

The Anna Morgan BFF Method turns lost & overwhelmed Job Seekers into Confident Job Closers that are able to showcase their unique talents, personal brand and attract a flow of top recruiters and hiring managers that fit like a glove.

Behind the Recruiter’s Curtains + Focused Career Strategy + Fabulous Self-love = The B.F.F Method 0.2

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1:1 Confident Job Closer Program

Behind the Recruiter’s Curtains + Focused Career Strategy + Fabulous Self-love = The B.F.F Method 0.2

The Anna Morgan BFF Method turns overwhelmed and lost Job Seekers into Confident Job Closers that are able to showcase their unique talents, personal brand and attract a flow of top recruiters and hiring managers that fit like a glove.

Helping career changers discover rich self-love and fulfilling career opportunities that are a match made in heaven.

Week 1: The BFF Way to Stay Organized AND grounded in Self-care.  Stay organized, work smarter vs hard the BFF way! 

Week 2: VisionValues, Beliefs & Goals.  Get clear on your vision, values, and beliefs in order to define your career goals with intention and alignment. 

Week 3: Career Inventory Analysis: gain priceless insights into your past, present and future.  Build your ideal employer match profile & create your "Career Action Plan!" 

Week 4: Supercharge your Job Search with the BFF Personal Branding SolutionCraft your personal branding statement! 

Week 5: Linkedin 101: Turn your LinkedIn profile into a "Bat Signal/ Spotlight" to attract top recruiters & hirng managers!  

Week 6: LinkedIn 102 Level up and learn the BFF Get Noticed Framework. Learn the 5 P's of writing copy and dive into the 30 Day Content Power Pack. 

Week 7: The BFF Resume Builder Clinic: Build a resume that books interviews and gets through the ATS. 

Week 8: ACE the job interview! Adopt the 3R's approach to interview prep. Nail recruiter interview by executing Recruiter's best kept secret interview questions. Use the WWW framework to weave in your personal brand statement. Implement the ABC Guide to building lasting relationships. 

Week 9:  Apply the BFF Networking Framework Network like a pro, build community, build long term career insurance! 

Week 10: Get a peek Behind the Recruiter Curtain. Unravel the secrets Recruiters won't tell you (but really want to) and fast track opportunities. 

  • Weekly Coaching: 1 hour sessions. Together, we’ll map out the road to success & prioritize the items you want to focus on first. 
  • Personalized weekly videos with tips, tricks, and inspirational thoughts to keep you inspired & motivated.
  • Feedback & Suggestions: All of my feedback and suggestions come from a compassionate heart centered and relatable place.  
  • Session Recap & Homework: After each session, you will receive homework to keep you focused on moving forward.
  • Access between sessions during business hours. Available via text, email, DM, WhatsApp, Voxer Ect to address asap questions, interviews, mindset blocks ect. 
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Kevin McDaniel
Director of Customer Experience

Subsequent to an unexpected job loss due to redundancy, I knew I needed to engage with a Career Transition Coach. After wading through a sea of similar profiles (as if they had been written from the same coaching guidebook) with photos of people sporting their best gray, navy and black corporate uniforms, I happened upon Anna's profile where her red top and red lipstick immediately popped out.

During our free introductory consultation, we bonded immediately. Anna was refreshingly candid (she used the term, "word vomit" to describe my resume at the time), tremendously approachable and obviously very knowledgeable.

I had been told by many that my job search would take a minimum of 6 months to 2+ years. That was not something I was willing to accept. Anna expertly guided me from the initial steps of resume and cover letter revisions to refining my list of companies that I would approach to interview prep and all the way through to negotiations. It was enormously beneficial to have a "partner" in my job search with whom I could ideate and discuss aspects of the search about which I was uncertain. Anna was able to speak from the perspective of an experienced recruiter which gave me an enormous advantage.

In the end, it is RESULTS that matter. My search began on December 26. My first session with Anna was January 8. I had a fully ratified job offer by February 15 and I started in my new position on February 22. I found the exact job I was looking for in ~45 days.

Thank you Anna for sharing your expertise and making my career transition so easy and seamless.

Career BFF VIP LinkedIn Audit

  • Recorded Loom Video of Audit
  • Session Notes with changes
  • 2 custom created cover images
  • Careerbff Onboarding form to understand personal brand
  • Profile Checklist
  • $400 USD


60-minute coaching/strategy session via zoom
to review profile, or discuss any other job
search strategy questions.


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RECRUITER -  RESUME Audit by your #careerbff ❤️ 

With 20 years of experience as both an Agency Recruiter & Corporate Recruiter I have screened over 1 million resumes.

Leverage my Recruiter eyes & expertise to get immediate feedback on your resume! 

Fact - It's humans (Recruiters) that are rejecting talent from the ATS.  It's not the technology! 

Recorded Loom Video of Audit
  • Purchase Audit ✅
  • Complete Google Form ✅
  • If applying for particular role send an attached document of the job description (not a link) ⚠️
  • Send the RESUME you want evaluated
  • Watch me audibly process the resume (How many times have you seen a Recruiter review your resume for the FIRST time?)  
  • Hear me describe what I love, where I may get confused, where it leaves questions, where it tells a great story, what would motivate me to say YES! 
    • or no... 😲
    • OR run to the hiring manager and say, "YOU must talk to this candidate ASAP!" 🙌

I'll give you actionalbe audible guidance to empower you to make small changes that make BIG impact! 

 $200 USD

Turn down the noise and the opinions, turn up the volume and LISTEN to your #careerbff an ACTIVE Recruiter who has hired 1000's of professionals and KNOWS what hiring authorities and recruiters are looking for! 

 👇 EXTRA Special Offer Included at Check Out 👇 


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Career BFF Testimonial

"Before I met Anna, I was clueless when it came to having a job search strategy! So much so that I did not realize how lost I was until our first call. "
Thank you Alma Maria Rinasz 🧘🏽‍💻 for this amazing testimonial.

"Anna's questions were about my career but I was not sure how to answer. Imagine, it was MY career we were talking about and I had not done the work to make sure I was headed towards success.

That is the first element of value that Anna provided me: she stepped into the role of coach and gave me actionable items to work on before our next session.

Secondly, she was so patient and helpful as she guided me towards drafting a strategy that worked for me.

Thirdly, Anna held a space for me during a very difficult time.

Being a job seeker during COVID-19 has been stressful and having an empathetic, emotionally intelligent coach allowed me to make mistakes and correct them.

I began designing my own career map with Anna's help, realizing that as a career transitioner (from education to cybersecurity) I was going to have to do some research, hard work, and talk to A LOT of people. Anna was and still is my career's best friend!" ❤

If you too are not a "cookie cutter candidate" let's chat!