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I believe in YOU until YOU can believe in yourself. 

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‚ú® Deep down you know you are being called to level up professionally and personally‚ú®

But -- you are sick and tired of trying to figure it out. You are ready to throw in the towel and call it quits!

  • You know that your mental health is suffering due to your career or job search.
  • Feeling frantic, full of fear, panic, and frustration. 
  • You know you are capable of expansion and growth but you are stuck. 
  • Your time is spent in analysis paralysis, hours of resume editing, consuming job search and career best practices but nothing meaningful is coming your way. 
  • Everytime you come to LinkedIn you are hit with imposter syndrome, resentment, and have no energy to figure out how to network. 
  • You struggle to talk about yourself, and can't find the words to describe your impact and value. 
  • Perhaps you are being called to explore something new but you aren't confident your skills will translate. 
  • You've been fired, laid off, rejected time and time again after getting 1st and 2nd interviews, but struggle to cross the finish line. 
  • Confused about how to manage recruiters, opportunities and salary negotiations.
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I will guide you to career fulfillment, help you regain your footing, confidence, and alignment. I will believe in YOU, until you can believe in yourself. 

  • Group Career Inventory Cohort - coming November 2022
  • ONE on ONE Coaching
  • LinkedIn Visibility & Networking training
  • 12 Step Careerbff launching Fall 2022


Work With Me!

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Interviews can be awkward. Most people hate talking about themselves but this is the event that leads to landing your dream job or promotion that you have been vying for. Most of us never get any interview training! 
Learn how to research, craft great questions, how to manage recruiters so that nothing falls through the cracks, so that your value is clearly articulated, and you are positioned to get through all the steps of an interview process with ease. Giving you the upper hand, and ultimately more options. 

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Did you know that recruiters only look at a resume on average for 7.5 seconds? 

Learn how to craft a resume that converts, grabs the attention of the recruiters, books interview calls, and easily connects with the applicant tracking system also called an ATS. 

Build a resume that is EASY to customize, tells a great story, and will get you traction! 


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Today's modern day recruiters prefer LinkedIn profiles over the tranditional resume.

Do you get inbound messages from Recruiters with dream opportunities?

If not, your profile is not built to attract your ideal opportunities. 

Wouldn't you love warm and aligned jobs in your direct messages everyday? 

Want to build career insurance for life? 

LinkedIn is not just a job board, it's a place to build your personal brand, tap into the hidden job market, and connect with super cool awesome people who will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

Don't treat LinkedIn like just another job board -- there is career expansion magic within! 


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Private coaching offered for select people.  Providing you the tailored support you specifically need to find your balance, confidence, and clairty. 

You have a consierge #careerbff in your corner to guide you, support you, and push you. All in service of helping you find personal and professional alignment. 

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Top 6 questions to ask in your next interview to stand out! 

Stay up to date with modern day job search strategies to accelerate opportunites and edge out the competition! 

You've got a #careerbff in your corner! 



I am thankful for the overwhelming support and feedback that Anna provided me. We scheduled for 30 minutes and she went way over the time to make sure I felt heard and that she provided value. Her experience in the recruiting space is a huge benefit in my career transition. Anna was able to give me multiple practical next steps that were encouraging and things that I had not heard of before!
Thanks Anna!!
Dan Irvin 
Sales & Operations Management Professional

Anna is the best career coach you could ask for! She's connected, generous, insightful, and 100% on top of the latest tips and tricks that every job seeker should be aware of. Her upbeat energy and masterful way with words get you motivated to hone in on your true calling and apply with courage and intention. Anna's knowledge is vast and profound, she can uplevel your resume and your LinkedIn profile, as well as drill you with practice interview questions or help you draft an exquisite "thank you" letter to a hiring manager. I am so grateful to all that I learned from Anna. Oh, and did I mention I GOT A JOB after having Anna as my Career BFF for just shy of 2 months?! In total awe and gratitude for all that Anna is in this world.
~ M. Deva Jebb-Albaba
International Connector • Designer • Editor

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