"A wealth of refined talent acquisition insight, distilled from years of driving recruitment strategies and transformative hiring success."

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We¬†delve deep to grasp your unique journey‚ÄĒwhere you've been, the challenges you've faced, and where you aim to be.

Our commitment extends beyond mere coffee chats & business luncheons; we immerse ourselves in your world, whether you're a company seeking top-tier talent or a job seeker striving for growth.

Our mission is anchored in your success, dedicating our resources to navigate your path to achievement with empathy, insight, and relentless dedication.

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I will guide you to career fulfillment, help you regain your footing, confidence, and alignment. 

  • ONE on ONE Coaching
  • ¬†Limited spots available

 Results: Accelerated career opportunies, sophisticated interview & networking skills, increasted income, and "career insurance" for life. 



Join the monthly "Ask a Recruiter" Audio events on LinkedIn. 

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 35 questions Great Candidates Ask in a Job Interview 

Stay up to date with modern-day job search strategies to accelerate opportunities and edge out the competition! 

You've got a #careerbff in your corner! 



I am thankful for the overwhelming support and feedback that Anna provided me. We scheduled for 30 minutes and she went way over the time to make sure I felt heard and that she provided value. Her experience in the recruiting space is a huge benefit in my career transition. Anna was able to give me multiple practical next steps that were encouraging and things that I had not heard of before!
Thanks Anna!!
Dan Irvin 
Sales & Operations Management Professional

Anna is the best career coach you could ask for! She's connected, generous, insightful, and 100% on top of the latest tips and tricks that every job seeker should be aware of. Her upbeat energy and masterful way with words get you motivated to hone in on your true calling and apply with courage and intention. Anna's knowledge is vast and profound, she can uplevel your resume and your LinkedIn profile, as well as drill you with practice interview questions or help you draft an exquisite "thank you" letter to a hiring manager. I am so grateful to all that I learned from Anna. Oh, and did I mention I GOT A JOB after having Anna as my Career BFF for just shy of 2 months?! In total awe and gratitude for all that Anna is in this world.
~ M. Deva Jebb-Albaba
International Connector • Designer • Editor

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